Mama Bear Baby Bear : A Native American Lore

When humans discovered the sparkling berry of the Sgurd Bush, they quickly found that it is a medicinal fruit. It cures a very common and highly contagious disease called Edutitta.

However ... to the animals of the Cipmylo Forest, the Sgurd Berry is an addicting poison and is known as the Forbidden Fruit. When eaten it makes the animals drunk and causes them to ... continue

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Mama Bear Baby Bear Events:

Updated events calendar...

March 22 ~  24 2007 Maui, Hawaii Private Corporation. 30 people
Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear and workshop, Drumming Circle and
book signing.

April. 26th  ~ Anacortes Wa. Private Party: Drum workshop,  20
designers create 16" elk and buffalo drum.   Storytelling and Circle
of Drums.

May 5th ~ 9th New York. NCGCR, the Florida Kinship Center, Grand
Magazine, Stony Brook University and AARP are hosting Grandparents
Caring for Children – a Global                   Challenge: The First International
Summit of Grandparents and Other Kinship Caregivers. The summit will
be held at the Marriott on the Bridge, Brooklyn, NY
                Linda will be one of 7 International Speakers.

May 23rd ~ Puyallup, WA. keynote speaker at our 4th annual Pierce
County Relatives Raising Children Conference.

June 1st ~ 3rd  Denver Colorado. RAPP Conference. "Circle of Drums"
opening evening. Two workshops: (Mama Bear Baby Bear and the
forbidden fruit)  Workshop is based on the book Mama Bear Baby
Bear:   Because of the pitfalls caused by drugs abuse and other
destructive cycles, more and more grandparents and other relatives
are finding themselves charged with the protection and upbringing of
the children. "There is no wrath greater than a Mama Bear when it
comes to her cubs."

Past events

October 18th - 20th Lummi Nation Bellingham, WA. "Domestic Violence in Indian Country" Presenting Mama Bear Baby Bear and Book signing.

October 24th Grand Ronde Nation. Portland Oregon. Presentation and book signing Mama Bear Baby Bear

October 28th Lincoln City Oregon. Book singing The Book End .

November 4th Sequim, WA. Vision. Art show, Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear/book signing and Drum show.

November 8th - 10th Buffalo Niagara Marriott. New York. Presentation of Mama Bear Baby Bear: "Circle of Drums" one hour session of drumming and story telling for convention.

November 11th Sequim, WA "Circle of Drums" 491 Lost Mountain Rd...

November 13th Seattle, WA. 600 No 139th St. Seattle, WA. Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear/book signing

November 14th Tacoma WA. 4810 So. Wilkerson, Tacoma, WA Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear/book signing

November 15th. Seattle, WA. McNeil Island Corrections Center. Two presentation of Mama Bear Baby Bear to inmates.

January 24th  Seattle. WA. Book signing. Grandparents support group, 

February 9th   Westgate, Seattle. WA. Book signing, 

February 13th  Sequim, WA. Book signing grandparents support group, 

February 16th Shelton, WA. Book signing Skokomish Nation, Tuwaduq. Tribal Center, 

February 17-18-19  Fort Warden, Pt Townsend, WA. Presentation/conference . Unitarian State Conference. with Ed Taylor, Rockport. 

March 2nd.   Sequim, WA. Drum workshop. private party 

March 10th  Sequim WA Book signing.  First Start. .

March 22-24  Seattle, WA. Presenter.  OSPIS.  2006 Collaboration Conference. Doubletree Seatac, 

March 29th    Port Angeles, WA.  Circle of Drum & introduction of Beatriz Gilardo.. New partner in presentations (bilingual)

March 31st.    Port Angeles, WA.  Live radio interview KNOP Karen.

April 11-13     Skagit, WA. Key-Speaker/workshop.  State wide Tribal Conference Juvenile justice. Skagit Casino/Conference Center, 

April 22 nd     Sequim. WA. Open drum workshop in  Must contact Linda to register no later than the 19th of April. Limited to 10 designers. 

April 29th       Sequim, WA. Plenary Speaker. opening for Legacy Conference  

May 8-9-10     Reno, Nevada. Speaker/workshop/book signing. Conference Team Linda Silvas and Beatriz Giraldo               
                                       Sierra Association of Foster Families. Regional Welfare Conference. 

May 23 - 25     Alturas & Fall River California. Presenter.  Indian Education Center, Honored Gathering. And Book signing 

May 27th          Shoalwater Tribe, WA.  Presentation and Book signing.

June 2 - 5th       Denver Colorado.   Plenary Speaker. Brookdale Foundation's National RAPP Conference. 

August 26th ... Sequim WA Circle of Drums, private party 30 people

August 31 .. Conducting Drum workshop Sequim, WA.

Sept 9th - 11th Philadelphia PA. Opening conference to celebrate Nation Grandparents Month Opening Conference and Book Signing "Mama Bear Baby Bear"

Sept. 15th ... Conducting Drum workshop Sequim, WA.

Sept. 23rd Naming Ceremony Neah Bay, WA

Sept, 29th - October 1st Tri Cities, WA. Hands Around the World: Multicultural Event. "Plenary Speaker"

October 3rd - 5th Pousbol WA. "Connecting the Communities" Tribal Gathering Opening Speaker and conducting workshop in Substance Abuse using Mama Bear Baby Bear and book signing.

                          Borders Books and Music Stores are scheduling Book signings at various stores throughout Washington State. TB.

                          Barnes and Noble Book Stores are scheduling Book Signing Events, TB.


Sept 16-17-18 Wallace Falls, WA Guest speaker kinship caregiver’s conference/retreat.

Sept. 29th Circle of Drums Sequim, Wa 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sequim, High School.

Sept 30 Drum making workshop Little Trees Gallery, Sequim, WA 3:00 pm

Oct. 7th Photo shoot Little Trees Gallery 4:30

Oct 11th - 12th Native Women Summit Conference, Little Creek Casino and resort, Shelton, Wa

Oct. 13th Yakima Tri Cities Wa. K.N.D.U Television Live show about Mama Bear Baby Bear.

Oct. 14th -18th Pasco Washington, Sacagawea State Park, Reenactment of the Lewis and Clark exposition.

Nov. 11th - 15th Little Trees Gallery. Fine Art Show on Skateboards. Juried, sponsored.

Nov. 12th - “Circle of Drums” Performing with “Little Tree”... Lester
Greene of Makah Nation , Kate Lilly, singer, songwriter, actress.
Book signing “Mama Bear Baby Bear Book”
6:00 pm Greywolf elementary school gym. Hwy 101 and Carlsborg. Sequim,

Nov.12th -13th Design tree. Festival of Trees. Olympic Memorial Hospital annual event.

Nov. 18th 19th 20th and 21st - Little Trees Gallery features “Native
Christmas Show” Featuring artist Larry Franklin, Cradle boards,
shields, Drum bags. Jody Fredrickson, Native Jewelry, Linda Silvas,
Native Drums, custom Dream Catchers, Special Edition Mama Bear Baby
Bear Book, Mask, Wall hangings. Cards and Book signing. Native
refreshments will be served.

Nov. 21st - Yakima Washington. Kinship caregivers conference. Guess speaker and book signing.

Nov. 22nd - Port Angeles, WA. “Festival of Trees Designers competition”

Nov. 25th - “Festival of Trees “ Gala dinner and auction. Drum
Performance with Lester Greene, Larry and Jody Fredrickson

Nov. 28th - Christmas Design. Pedals Restaurant , Sequim, WA.

Dec. 1st - 10th Little Trees Gallery will host 1st annuls Fine Arts with ornaments competition.

February 2006 Circle of Drum, Performance with Lester Greene of Makah Nation. Drum making workshop and book signing for Mama Bear Baby Bear at various locations, TBA.