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    “Mama Bear Baby Bear” A Native American Lore.

    Set in the mythical forest, the metaphorical tale describes Baby Bear’s life with parents who partake of the forbidden Fruit (drugs/alcohol) rendering them unable to care for their baby or themselves. Mama Bear... Grandmother takes on the pivotal role of parent.

    When rumors reach the ears of Mama Bear that her grandchild’s life is in grave danger, without hesitation she goes to his aid, rescuing and taking him back to her part of the forest where she keeps Baby Bear safe, teaching him which berries to eat and not to eat, how to count the stars and to use his own intuition. She shows him love of life and feeds him the wisdom of an elder.

    Because of the pitfalls caused by drug abuse and other destructive cycles, more and more grandparents and other relatives are finding themselves charged with the protection and upbringing of the children, our future generation.

    If your a grandparent or relative in this type of situation, or know someone who is, Linda would like to hear from you.

    Mama Bear Baby Bear is a learning tool for the children as well as those who have walked or are walking the same journey.

    Look for Mama Bear Baby Bear book two in 2006

    For more information about Native American Book “Mama Bear Baby Bear” journey to

    World attention is focused on the Family Circle and our children. The future is what we leave behind.... Little Tree.

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