Mama Bear Baby Bear : A Native American Lore

When humans discovered the sparkling berry of the Sgurd Bush, they quickly found that it is a medicinal fruit. It cures a very common and highly contagious disease called Edutitta.

However ... to the animals of the Cipmylo Forest, the Sgurd Berry is an addicting poison and is known as the Forbidden Fruit. When eaten it makes the animals drunk and causes them to ... continue

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Mama Bear Baby Bear
Linda Silvas
P.O. Box 178, Carlsborg, WA. 98324
(Home Office) (360) 683-0992 (888) 224 7039 ~


February 21 ~ 23 2007
Nacogdoches, Texas 2nd Annual Drug Endangered Child Conference.
Opening Keynote and workshop presenter “Mama Bear Baby Bear”
Performed with Pow Wow drum.

January 2007 Working with Producer/Director Oliver Tuthill Blue Wood
Films LLC on new film as Executive Producer.

November 8-10, 2006
Buffalo New York. Creating Alliances in Indian Welfare. Buffalo
Niagara Marriott. Sponsored by the New York State office of Children
and Family Services.
Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear workshop, Circle of Drums and Book
signing.  Performed with Pow wow drum.

November 2006
Radio Interview” KKNW 1150 AM Chat With Women:
Air time 12/21/06 Interview can be heard on website

November 2006
McNeil Island, Men State Penitentiary. Steilacoom WA.  Presentation
Mama Bear Baby Bear /motivational Speaker. Two groups of Native
American men. Drummed

November 2006
Perinatal Treatment Center, Seattle and Tacoma WA. Presentation Mama
Bear Baby Bear / Motivational Speaker.  Two different groups in
Seattle and Tacoma.

Sept. 2006
Bellingham. WA. Lummi Nation. Domestic Violence In Indian Country
Conference. Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear

Sept 2006
Philadelphia. PA. Opening Speaker Grandparents Day Celebration.
Plenary Speaker 2006 Book signing. Preformed with Pow Wow drum.
450 kinship caregivers and Circle of Drums

May 2006
Opening Speaker “Mama Bear Baby Bear” Sierra Association of Foster
Families.  Reno, Nevada.
~~ Foster/adoptive/kinship Plenary Speaker performed with Pow Wow drum.

May 2006
Poulsbo. WA. Opening Speaker/2 workshops.  Plenary Speaker.
Statewide, All Tribal Conference. Connecting the Communities
Preformed with Pow Wow drum.

June 2006
Alturas, CA.
~~ Gathering of Nations honoring our future generations
Opening Speaker for two Native American Gathering/Honoring the Children

June. 2006
Denver, Colorado. Plenary Speaker. National Orientation and Training
Conference Brookdale Foundation. Presentation and Mama Bear Baby Bear
Book signing. Preformed with Pow Wow drum.

July 2006
Opening Speaker for Legacy Conference
~~ Storytelling and Presentation “Mama Bear Baby Bear” Preformed with
Pow Wow drum.

June 2006
Seattle. WA. Book signing. Grandparents support group.

July 2006
Westgate, Seattle. WA. Book signing.

July 2006
Sequim, WA. Book signing grandparents support group.

Tribal Canoe Journey~~ Presentation “Mama Bear Baby Bear”
August 2006
Shelton, WA. Motivational Speaker/Book signing Skokomish Nation,
Tuwaduq. Tribal Center.

August 2006
Private party Preformed with Pow Wow drum, storytelling.

2006 August
Fort Warden, Pt Townsend, WA. Presentation/conference. Unitarian
State Conference. Sequim, WA. Drum workshop.

2006 Sept.
Sequim WA Book signing.  First Start. .

2006 Sept.
Sidney BC. Canada. Introducing My One Nation Book to Four Nations. 2006
~~ Presentation “Mama Bear Baby Bear” Speaking about substance abuse
and kinship care.

“Circle of Drums” Sequim. WA
~~ Private company

2006 Oct.
Skagit, WA.  State Wide Tribal Conference.
~~ Storytelling and presentation “Mama Bear Baby Bear”
2006 Oct.Circle of Drum & Introduction. _
~~ Beatriz Giraldo. Presentation Mama Bear Baby Bear (bilingual/
Spanish/English) drumming: 30 participants. Port Angeles, WA

Radio: Interview guest on "Art Beat," hosted by Karen Hanan –
~~KNOP Port Angeles, WA.

Drum Workshop –
~~ Teaching how to make Native Hoop Drum and Storytelling. 25
Designers. Sequim. WA.

Conference Plenary –
~~ Opening for Legacy conference   Sequim, WA.
Presenting Mama Bear Baby Bear as working tool in the prevention of
substance abuse.

Conference Speaker - Dr. Terry Bergeson, Superintendent of Public
Instruction, Olympia, WA
~~"Strengthening Linkages for Student Success" conference; Topic: "An
Ancient Solution to a Modern Dilemma," focusing on the unique and
ancient role of grandparents, who raise their grandchildren when
parents become unable to care for their children.

Presenter / Speaker - State Wide Indian Conference, Skagit Valley, WA
~~Topic: "An Ancient Solution to a Modern Dilemma," focusing on the
unique and ancient role of grandparents, who step in to raise their
grandchildren when parents become unable to care for their children.
About 200 in attendances.

Presentation / Book Signing - Skokomish Nation, Union, WA (Skokomish
~~Storytelling event. Presented "Mama Bear Baby Bear" book to Tuwaduq
Family Service Department personnel and interested parties. Topic:
Grandparents raising their grandchildren due to substance abuse.

Presenter / Storyteller
Storyteller / Drum Workshop Presenter / Entertainer: "Circle of Drums" -

S.N.A.P., Special Needs Advocacy Parents, Camp Ramblewood, Sequim, WA
~~Taught 60 disabled children make their own drums. Also offered
storytelling and drumming with the children 2005Presenter / Speaker -
Yakima Nation, Yakima, WA ~~ Keynote speaker to an audience of 250.
The dinner was a first ever collaboration between native and non-
native students, kinship caregivers, grandparents and others.
Invitees included administrators from Casey Family Programs and
Heritage University. Topic: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Presenter / Speaker - Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Community Center,
Sequim, WA
~~Speaker to an audience of approximately 300 administrators of care
giving programs for Native American tribes in Washington state.
Topic: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Speaker - Jefferson County Mental Health Department, Port Townsend, WA
~~Topic: The impacts of substance abuse on parents and the effects on
their children. Audience of 60.

2005Television News Guest and Radio Talk Show Guest - KNDU TV,
Kennewick, WA & KONP Radio, Port Angeles, WA
~~Television news segment interview guest hosted by Jenny Anchondo.
Topics: "Mama Bear Baby Bear" book, grandparents raising their
grandchildren, and drum making art and symbolism.

Radio: Interview guest on "Art Beat," hosted by Karen Hanan. Topics:
"Mama Bear Baby Bear" book, grandparents raising their grandchildren,
and drum making art and symbolism.

Movie Actress - Blue Wood Films, Oliver Tuthill, Producer, Seattle, WA
~~Actress / Dancer / Elder Wise Woman in the movie
"Willatuk." (

Drum Workshop Leader / Speaker / Presenter - Legacy Training,
Multiple Cities, Japan
~~As a guest of Legacy Training, embarked on a nine-day tour of seven
Japanese cities. Offered drum workshops, storytelling, and book
presentation of "Mama Bear Baby Bear”

2002 I started to write Mama Bear Baby Bear.

Owned and operated Little Trees Creations Gallery in Sequim, WA. 2003
- 2005
Writer, Artist, Drum Designer and teacher.

Owned and operated Nail Salon in San Diego, Ca. and Sequim, WA  1982
- 2002

Professional Billiard player and played on the WPBA women’s tour from
1982 – 1995

1995 I quit the tour WPBA to come home and raise my grandson (Baby Bear)

Before moving to Wa. I lived in San Diego, CA where I owned and
operated a floral shop “South Bay Flowers” I was in the floral/design
business since 1968- 1980

2007 Disney Publications is reviewing Mama Bear Baby Bear.

2006 Mama Bear Baby Bear book has been featured by AARP in the Fall
Issue of
National Newsletter

2006 Book is in the Smithsonian Library in New York.

2006 Brookdale Foundation

Linda Silvas
PO Box 178 Carlsborg, WA 98324
Mama Bear Baby Bear
888 224 7039

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